About Helping Hands

This site was created and is maintained by friends of the Mallorys who love them deeply and were looking for a tangible way to help support Jen and Phil as they dedicate their time, love and energy to help care for their 3-year-old daughter Lily. Lily was diagnosed in October with two forms of cancer, and her road to recovery is already underway. The Mallorys have a blog that chronicles Lily's treatment. Since many of us do not live close enough to lend our physical hands to help out, Helping Hands was born to bridge that gap and provide help for the day-to-day challenges of caring for their family. Jen and Phil are awesome parents to Lily and her three siblings, Phillip, Kiera and Bella. Your support and messages are much appreciated!


Messages for the Mallorys

You can post messages on Jen and Phil's Web site for Lily or also post comments and well-wishes here. Click on the comments link below this post to add your message. Thanks so much!


  1. Jen and Phil,

    You are loved much more than you know! You have awesome friends who want to support you. Please let us all support you.

  2. The Kents, Las VegasNovember 20, 2008 at 11:48 PM

    Jen and Phil - We are thinking of you every day and wishing we lived closer so we could help out in some way. You are amazing parents and your strength for Lily is so important and inspiring. We are sending love, hugs and happy thoughts to Lily and your beautiful famuily. Much love ~ Cindy, John, Jack and Sadie

  3. Jen and Phil,
    You are both so strong and loving...how lucky your children are to have you both as their parents! We are praying for Lily and the rest of your family every day. You are going to make it through this!!! You have so many family and friends who are here for you. Lean on us, and know that we are all sending you gigantic hugs!
    Erinn, Boots, Riley, Sophie, and Kaylie

  4. You guys mean the world to us, and we are humbled to have some small way of "giving back" some of the love you have shown us through the years. We love you and pray for you every day.
    Amy, Kevin, Joshua, Abigail & Eliana

  5. Wow, you have amazing, amazing friends. I guess that is because you ARE amazing friends to so many. I hope you feel how much you are loved everytime you read this blog. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. Lily, you rock girl!
    Varmit, Leesa, Christian, Sydney and Connor

  6. Jen and Phil,
    You are both amazing parents with an extraordinary family. We are blessed to know you and be part of your lives. I pray for Lily and for your family. Know that we are here for you all.
    Tracey, Chuck, Chance and Maggie

  7. Jen and Phil,
    You don't know us, but we know you so well...at least, we think we do because you've poured so much of your heart into the Lily blog. We're praying for you all and especially for Lily's complete recovery. Someday we hope to hug your collective necks. Errol & Maxine Thomas (Kevin & Amy's folks in New Jersey.)

  8. Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for all of you. Jen you are the most wonderful daughter. Phil you are my favorite son-in-law and you have taken the best care of Jen and the kids. Phillip you are my favorite grandson in the whole wide world. Kiera you are my favorite Kiera in the whole wide world. Lily you are my favorite Lily in the whole wide world. And Bella you are my favorite Bella in the whole wide world.

  9. Jen and Phil,
    It's so wonderful to witness how strong and loving you are as parents. You are truly an inspiration to all of us! Please never hesistate to ask us for anything--no matter how large or small. We are here to help however and whenever you need as your entire family is in our thoughts and prayers daily. Even little Landon says his blessings ending with "help Lily get better soon." You have an incredible family and we truly hope that you all have a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving holiday together.

    - Drea, Mark, Luke, Lauren, and Landon

  10. Phil, Jen, and family,
    You haven't met us, but we are good friends with the Thomas family. Since you are good friends with them as well, then by my calculations, that makes us good friends with you! :) (If A=B and B=C, then A=C).
    We have been very touched by Lily's story and your honest sharing. Lily has become a regular on our prayer list and will continue to be. We wish your precious family all the joy and strength needed to endure this huge trial.
    Nate, Audrey, Corban, and Caleb Tolle
    Altus, Oklahoma

  11. Jen and Phil,
    You now also have a network of prayers daily coming from my friends at work. Many have put Lily's name on their lists through individual churches. Sr Pat at St Anthony North says hello and is offering her prayers for you and Lily. The hospital chaplains have placed Lily's name on their daily prayer list at Mass. Love, Mom

  12. You all don't know me, but I "know" you through Sandy, Phil's mom. We have been praying for Lily and your family since she was diagnosed. We are praying for Sandy while she is in Iraq. We keep Lily and Sandy on our weekly prayer list in our small Bible study group, and ask God to meet your needs in ways we can't even imagine! I want you to know how much your honesty in your blog touches my heart~ I can't read it without feeling my heart well up inside of me! You are truly amazing, and an inspiration to anyone who has the opportunity to read the story of your lives! We will keep praying!
    - Cris, Parker, CO

  13. Jen and Phil,
    I just wanted to tell you Lily's name has been added to the prayer list at St. Joan of Arc. Our family will continue to keep all of you in our prayers.
    We love and miss you.
    Gary, Mel, Spencer, Macy, and Kendall

  14. Jen and Phil, Just wanted to let you know you are in our thoughts and prayers and we hope you are having a good holiday season. Your blog is amazing and Andrea and I have spent a lot of time reading it. We were laughing remembering our time at Tyndall and some of the goofy things there. Like when Jen drove to Eglin to help Andrea rent our 400 sq ft apartment. Or Phil educating us on the "Fleecing of America!" Stay strong and we hope to see you next time in Hawaii. Love Rick, Andrea, Emily and Sam

  15. Jen and Phil,

    Please know that we continue to pray for Lily and both of you. You are so strong and we love that about both of you. It's been amazing reading Lily and your journey through all of this. I wish we could be there as your AF family and take care of you. Know that we love you and are always thinkin of you.
    Jason, Holly, Connor, Braden, and Wesley

  16. Jen and Phil - We are thinking of you every day and hoping that you can get some extra help, Jen, when your mom comes out this week for Christmas. We hate to be so far away, but know we are thinking of you and especially of Lily. Lots of love, The Kents

  17. Dearest Team Mallory~
    You remain in our thoughts and prayers, and what a tremendous inspiration you are. Thanks for keeping us updated on Lily's progress, despite how full your plate is. Your friends at Kadena are standing by to help in any way. Sending our love and big hugs,
    ~Marianne, Brett, Miki and Sean Michael

  18. Dear Jen and Phil- Finally, after digging through Jason's emails, I have the address for your blog! After reading past blogs for the last 45 minutes I am hooked and can tell how I will spend my free time until Jason gets back. I have experienced all the emotions during this time - laughing, crying, sympathy, love... I wanted to start reading from the beginning and it took me a while to find it. I am still laughing at your blog from the first doctors visit..."really? You were going to write down sh@!..." Jen, you are my kind of girl! I am sick that you are forever away and I feel helpless to help! It sounds like you are surrounded by wonderful people who I know feel very blessed to be able to help your family in any way they can. I was so happy to see that someone created a donation site because that was one of my first questions...what could we do? I hope it helps. It was fun to look at your blog and see recent pictures of your kids. We of course haven't met Bella or Lily so it was a treat to be able to picture the entire Mallory family. What beautfiul kids! I love your little blondy! Anyway, it goes without saying that I am sick you are going through this. What an experience. You are strong people and I am loving to see your sense of humor as well. You guys are loved and will be prayed for daily by our family. God heals, He works miracles and He answers prayers.

    All of our love,
    Julee, Jason, Bo and Rylee Daniels

  19. Dear Phil and Jen,

    Ken and I are so devastated to hear about Lily's diagnosis. We know how precious your little ones are to you and your families. Watching and loving on our five grandchildren (now six as of a week ago) is one of our greatest joys in life.

    Julee shared your blog with us and we will keep up with your journey through this challenging time as you "tackle" each day and night. We are strong believers in the power of prayer, and you will be in our hearts and thoughts daily.

    Phil, Ken and I will forever be grateful to you and your family for "adopting" Jason during the BREAKS at the Academy, and if there is ever anything we can do for you as you travel through NC you just call us and we will be there for you. Home: 336-760-3567 Cell: 336-816-2978. We are only two hours from POPE Air Force Base.

    I want both of you to hold on to this verse of scripture that has been my prayer for Jason as he has been deployed each time. . .it is certainly applicable for times of distress and need:

    Isaiah 40:31
    "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary, and they sall walk, and not be faint."

    With Love and Prayers,
    Debbie & Ken Daniels
    Winston-Salem, NC

  20. Hello Mallory Family,

    We live in Boulder, Co. and found your blog. We have a similar possible diagnosis for our 5 year old son. We would love to be connected with Mallorys to learn more about who is helping you medically with you case. 303-415-9895--Tracy and Timothy Heiman.